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Life Check V2

What is LifeCheck?

  • Advanced software technology to predict the likelihood of developing chronic conditions such as T2DM, cardiovascular and stroke.
  • A carefully considered questionnaire.
  • Point of difference is the backend database of 70,000 medical records that looks for patterns and trends
  • The events of the past 2 years and the ongoing long Covid-19 demonstrated a need/desire/requirement for organisations to demonstrate a tangible interest in employee wellbeing
  • The increase in quietly quitting, employees pulling back, volunteers being unavailable
  • Employers accept the need for open and honest communications however employees may need tangible evidence
  • Our approach is the wellbeing of the organisation through the eyes of the employees
  • Wellbeing is more than just health, it covers nutrition, sleep, state of mind and attitude to life
  •  Expanded the capability of the software to provide a wellbeing assessment 
  • Delivered to each employee by an online link
  • Answers are analysed and a report generated showing a wellbeing benchmark expressed as a %.  
  • The higher the   %  the more concern for the employee and demonstrates a need for change
  • Wellness practitioners review the report and provide constructive feedback
  • If lifestyle changes are suggested a second report can be commissioned showing a wellbeing improvement and how to achieve it.