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LifeCheck™ helps organisations demonstrate employee care, identify health issues, and assess workplace productivity and wellbeing

Without Prevention our Lives Become Challenging



People with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus across the world 


People with hypertension (high blood pressure) end up with a coronary health disease

2 Billion

People are considered to be overweight globally with 39% of those at a higher obese level


People around the world have moderate or severe COPD and this is growing with environmental and climatic changes

Our Assessments Deliver Tangible Benefits for Better Wellbeing

  • With insight you have time to plan changes for a better lifestyle
  • Support from practitioners to prevent conditions
  • Positive impact on family and friends
  • Significant impact on clients’ future wellness
  • Helping to reduce global health costs

The Case for Assessments

Business Case 002
  • Non-invasive wellness questionnaire – less than 90 seconds to complete!
  • Software trained against large medical database

  • Confidential insight into physical and mental health

  • Provides individuals and employees with an understanding of their current wellbeing and for organizations a helicopter view of where they need to place resources 

  • Low cost

  • Not an EAP program!

  • Support services are able to deliver personalized programs for each and every client and each and every organization


Patient records analyzed for chronic disease anomalies


Different ethnicities used in the assessment


Non-invasive health markers assessed


Physical and lifestyle indicators are captured

Questions and Answers

What’s next?

Greater analysis and more marker points being added for real time sleep, nutrition, and personal health devices for Lifecheck™

How to get your wellbeing baseline test

Life Check V2
Ask your HR supervisor or contact us and we can steer you in the right direction!

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